All language teachers can be ILTA associates. Here are the steps to join:

  1. Certify that you are an active Language Teacher. 
  2. One-year membership is only US$20 or COP $50.000. Contact us for further details. Email:
  3. Send a copy of the deposit, including your Full Name, Phone Number, and ID number. Savings Account No. 0027236231 Banco de Bogotá
  4. Receive your membership ID card.  

About Us

ILTA is an Association of Teachers and University Students of Foreign Languages, legally recognized by the Government of Colombia, that offers you the opportunity to become member and receive benefits in your profession. 

ILTA also connects you to a community of professionals involved in the fiel of teaching/learning Foreign Languages, as well as to speakers of other languages in Colombia and abroad. 


ILTA is the International Association of Language Teachers that promotes and advances language teaching in public and private education, safeguards standard of professional practice and serves as the advocate of its members.

ILTA Objectives

To improve the Language Teaching Profession…

  • By promoting 

  • By supporting 

  • By organizing 

  • By implementing

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