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Language Education Consultancy 

Inclusive Education

Tailored Webinars 

Teaching Material Design and Training

National and International Networking

Education Research    

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Public Speaking Courses 

Oral and Written Skills Courses

Fluency in English Courses

Neuroeducation Guideliness and training

STEM and STEAM Education

Effective Strategies for Teaching a Foreign Language

International Exams Preparation (FCE-CAE-IELTS)

José Guillermo Rodríguez

Haggai Institute International Faculty Member.
University Professor
Effective Communication.
Oral and Written Skills.
Bilingualism and Bilingualism Education

Carlos Enrique Carrillo Cruz

Researcher and University Professor
International Lecturer


Brain stimulus for teaching-learning
Inclusive Education
Education for All
ICT’s for teaching


Rosa Tatiana Pedraza Calderon

Full time University Professor
Materials development
Business Translation
Academic Translation
Teachers Training


Yoana Cristina Pinzón Pinto

Language Professor


Critical Thinking and Education
Didactics of English Language
Literature and Language Teaching
Language and Translation
Debate and Language Teaching
Applied Linguistics


Yaneth Cristina Montero Londoño

University Professor

Inclusive Education in a mulidisbility mainstream classroom
Administrative protocols for pedagogical inclusiòn
Inclusive education for ELT
Didactics of English
ICT’s for teaching 


Janos Cseh
Culture Differences
Inclusive Education
Disability at home


Giovanni Alexis Mosquera Sabogal

University Professor


Creative Writing
Didactics of English
International Exams Training

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